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Web Components are a collection of standards, working their way through the W3C, and landing in browsers as we speak. They allow us to bundle markup and styles into reusable custom HTML elements. We have created a collection of experimental Components that will assist in adding dynamic content to an HTML page for digital signage. 

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Page Component 
The Rise Page Component enables you to control the playback of content in an HTML page for digital signage. The playback of playlists can be synchronized such that every content item in a playlist starts and stops at the exact same time. 

Additionally, the Component supplies methods for returning details about the Display, such as Company ID, Display ID and Display address. 

Playlist Component  
The Rise Playlist Component is used to rotate between different pieces of content in an HTML page. Intro and outro transitions can be added to every playlist so that each of its playlist items has a transition applied to it when being hidden or shown. 

Timeline Component 
The Rise Timeline Component allows content to be shown in an HTML page based on timeline settings, meaning you can tailor your display to show different content at different times of the day. 

Distribution Component 
The Rise Distribution Component controls whether or not a Playlist, or content inside of a Playlist, shows on a Display given a particular Display ID. 

Google Sheet Component 
The Rise Google Sheet Component can be used to retrieve a range of data from a Google Spreadsheet to be shown in an HTML page for digital signage. 

Google Calendar Component
The Rise Google Calendar Component takes data from a public Google calendar and injects it into HTML, ready for you to style with CSS to create great digital signage. 

Storage Component
The Rise Storage Component retrieves the URL of a file, or the URLs of all files within a folder, from Rise Storage.
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