Video widget 1.1.0 folder stops in the last video, not looping.

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I have a presentation running just a video folder, but when it reaches the last video, it gets stuck. Being working perfectly for a couple of months, but the problem started about a week ago.
The video folder was loaded with 60 short (most of them less than 50 seconds avg.) WebM videos and running in 2 displays, both showing the same problem, are in different locations.  I understand the Chorme app RV not supported, but I post this problem just in case has nothing to do with it, or if someone with chrome players has been experienced the same problem.


1.- Asus Chromebox OS 51.02704 Corei3-8 RAM (managed)
2.- ASUS Chromebit (managed) OS 57.0.2987

So far, I tried the following:
1.- Double checked the PUD at schedule and presentation side.
2.- Wipe the players.
3.- Create a new presentation and also a new video folder. Past and new were made in the new editor.
4.- Split the videos into 2 folders, and get stuck in the last video of the first folder.

I have another 10 chromeboxes players running the video widget, different presentations, with no problem.
Till now I need to continue making screenshots and restarting the players remotely several times during the day.

Any help, really appreciated. 


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Posted 1 year ago

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Ray Durkin

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Hi Luis,

I'm curious - the 2 displays that are exhibiting these symptoms - are they both playing the same presentation?  Are they in the same schedule?   One other question - are there other displays that are not having the issue that are playing the same presentation?


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Hi, Ray. 

The problem is (was) only with this presentation, one display is at a customer location and the chromebit is at my office, so both are running the same presentation, but different schedules.

I, am running another test since last Friday: I have divided the 60 videos into 4 folders "PUD" and inside the presentation a playlist with 4 "videowidget" apps. (Before this, I tried with just 2 folders and give them a specific time, but stills stuck in the last video)

It worked well for several hours, (several loops), I haven ́t seen again the video stopped at the last video of folder one, but start seeing an error message with an  X,  that because of network or wrong format an error occurs, this in both players, but in a different moment.  (I have also reconverted all the videos again to WebM). For the customer display  (ASUS Corei3) during the weekend I saw  2 or 3 times the video widget crashed, but the chromebit crashed more times. Both players are wireless, but don't thinks are network issues.

Today, the customer player has been running with no problem, and the chromebit crashed just one time.
But no more stuck videos. I was running around 50 videos in a single folder  for 2 or 3 months with no issue, either in the chromebit (I was surprised).

With the other displays, I, am running different presentation with a single video widget, and no problem, eaither managed or unmanaged.

The name of the presentation is: SPECIAL Pantalla Completa NEW
Shcedules: chromebit and SPECIALALAMOS