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We are looking into an issue where the Image (Folder) and Video (Folder) Widgets show a white placeholder in the Presentation instead of the appropriate content. There are several scenarios that can result in this issue, and most likely to occur with the Image Folder and Video Folder Widgets. These scenarios are described below.

If you have been impacted by this issue, please accept our sincere apologies. Correcting this issue so that we can provide a better user experience is a top priority for us. We will provide updates to this conversation as we release the necessary corrections. 

What causes this issue?
The scenarios we've identified that result in the issue are as follows:
  1. The Widget is configured to use a Folder that no longer exist.
  2. The Folder used by the Widget does not contain any image or video files.
  3. In high latency networks, there is a significant delay in the time it is taking Rise Cache to provide the Widget with the files once they have been downloaded.
What are we doing to correct the issue?
We are updating the Widgets so that a relevant message is shown for each of the scenarios described above so that the User is informed as to why their content is not appearing, empowering them to make the necessary changes to resolve the issue. These improvements will begin shipping over the next week.

After we have shipped the message improvements, we will start work to improve how we cache images and videos with the goal of eliminate the delay that currently happens on high latency networks.

Is there anything I can do?
Yes, depending on your scenario, it is possible to mitigate or eliminate the issue altogether. 

If you are using the Image Folder or Video Folder:
  • Verify that the Folder you've selected still exists. The easiest way to check, open the Image or Video Folder Settings, depending on which one you are using, and reselect the Folder from Rise Storage.
  • Verify that the Folder you are using contains files. Go to, then navigate inside your Folder and make sure that it contains the appropriate files.
If you are using the Image or Video Widget:
  • Make sure that the URL to your video is valid. Navigate to the Widgets settings and copy the URL from within the URL field and paste it into another tab. If the URL is valid, you should see the video play in your browser.
If you are on a high latency network:
  • Compress your videos and/or images to reduce the time it takes to download to your media player making it available to the Widget sooner.
    • For Images, TinyPNG is a great web app that is easy to use and free. It is available at
    • For Videos, Firefogg is another great tool that is easy to use and free. It will encode (and compress) your videos as WebM. Firefogg is only available as an extension to Firefox browser. If you have Firefox, you can get Firefogg from here,
Again, very sorry for the confusion and frustration this issue may have caused. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Thank You!
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