Rise Windows/Linux Player. Requirements for multiple screen presentations.

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Are you looking to add multiple screens to one media player? Multiple screen support is available with Rise Windows and Linux Players.  Both do not automatically support multiple screens for the one media player. The video card in the media player must be able to recognize all screens as one for Rise Player to display.

How do I check if my video card supports multiple screens?

The settings to check will depend on the video card in your media player.  If your video card does not support multiple screens, you will need to purchase or replace your setup with one that can.  

How you check will depend if you are checking on your current set-up or if you are currently looking to purchase.  You can check via:

  • Looking for multiple monitor support within the media player's specifications.

  • Looking for multiple monitor support within the video card's specifications.

  • Checking the screen resolution settings in Windows 7.

  • Display Manager in Ubuntu 14.04.

My video card supports multiple screens.  How do I get started with my Presentations?
For the Rise Windows and Linux Players, a long as the hardware requirements are met, you can display across multiple screens. 

Scenario #1

Build one presentation across three displays with three content screens (contained within a Placeholder) for each display. Allocate so that each Placeholders' resolutions appear in each of the three screens in that one presentation. This will require the Displays to support extending.

Scenario #2

Build one presentation to display across three screens with only one presentation spanning across all of the three screens. This will require the four Displays to be able to support spanning.

How do I know if my video driver can/can't do orientation or tiling? Aka the "Maximize Test"

Certain video drivers may allow the monitors to be configured at any orientation or tiling. To determine if you have this video driver you can conduct the maximize test. Maximize a window - if it fills one screen only, it can be configured at any orientation or tiling, if it fits all screens it cannot be configured in that way.

Do you have any further questions?

If you have any other suggestions for building presentations across multiple screens on one media player, let us know by commenting below or starting a new thread in Community.
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