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Hello Community!

We just recently released our gallery, which you can check out here. The problem is it doesn’t have enough of your photos in it. To fix that we are running a competition. We’re going to give a $10 coupon for the Rise Vision Store to everyone that submits a photo. And, the best submission by popular vote will get an Intel NUC provided by TheBookPC. We are accepting submissions until November 13th 2015. Once all the submissions are in we’ll give everyone a week to finish voting. We will announce the winner and send out the coupons and NUC on November 20th.

How Do I Enter?

There are three steps to enter the contest.

1. You need to add a comment to this thread with a photo of your digital signage. It can be more than one and we’d love it if you showed us your setup and a screenshot of the content. Also feel free to have fun with it and include yourself in the photos. Lastly, please include a caption or a testimonial of what you think of Rise Vision.

2. Once you have submitted your photo, please tweet:

My @RiseVision photo contest submission! Check it out here: #digitalsignage

And attach a photo of your display to your Tweet.

3. Lastly, we need your email, please enter it in this form. We are only using this list to send the Coupon codes to entrants, and to let you know of future competitions.

The Rules

  • There is only 1 submission per person, multiple pictures are awesome but they only count as one submission.

  • You can only vote once and you CAN’T vote for yourself.

  • To cast a vote “like” your favourite submission.

  • If you submit your photos you are giving us permission to use and publish them.

  • The coupon can only be used at the time of checkout. Cannot be used towards future charges or payment on an invoice. Promotional amount is applied before applicable taxes and cannot be combined with any other promotion. One code per Company.


Photo of Shea

Shea, Official Rep

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Posted 3 years ago

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Photo of Paul Hernandez

Paul Hernandez

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Hi. This is one of ,my short throw projectors displaying one of my presentations at our Eastover branch in SC. Rise Vision has made my life easy when it comes to designing presentations... and you can't beat the price. -Paul

Photo of Mathieu Yuill

Mathieu Yuill

  • 70 Points
What projector are you using? That looks like a bright room but you're still getting a great image.
Photo of Harry Gray

Harry Gray

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Love RiseVision for the office.  We use it for daily and monthly updates.
Photo of Javier Gomez

Javier Gomez

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What can I say ... Risevision Rocks! The platform, the team behind it and the community.
This is a presentation we did recently for a Business Exhibition. We combined Sponsored video ads with Twitter feeds (includind video!) and by the way ... the clown on the picture is ME.
Photo of J Stachowiak

J Stachowiak

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Thanks to Rise Vision, I can view my fantasy football stats and scores from around the league while I watch all the games in my home theater on Sunday!  I use the picture-in-picture function of my video scaler to overlay the live television signal, and everything around it is driven by Rise Vision.
Photo of Mathieu Yuill

Mathieu Yuill

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This is wicked cool.
Photo of Blake Freeman

Blake Freeman, Official Rep

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Agreed. That's a new level of mancave!
Photo of Riel


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when does the fantasy football widget come out in the store :)
Photo of Shea

Shea, Official Rep

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I'll pass that as an idea to our content team
Photo of Vert Photography

Vert Photography

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You sir, are a genius!
Photo of Gus Leonard

Gus Leonard

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Hi Rise Vision!
We use your signage tools all over our campus, here at CSU Monterey Bay, and in my application in the two buildings I work in, I try to connect classroom learning with real world events and encourage interest in study abroad and exploring the real world beyond the classroom walls. 

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 34209 PMpng
Layout:Header row: department graphic, location, current time/date and weather info.
Second row: internal news RSS feed, slide show from Flickr Feed by students on study abroad (or welcomes to department events), campus-wide news RSS feed.
Third row: stimulating graphic related to language learning, multi-lingual 'real world' news feeds in 4 languages, Vimeo playlists for encouraging study abroad
Footer row: Word of the Day in 3 languages, world clocks

Actual installation is near exit door in lobby. 

More info on the feeds and etc. at  

Thanks for the great tools!
Gus Leonard
Photo of Brett Sutch

Brett Sutch

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We used the incredibly flexible and simple Rise Vision platform to create a 2x2 video wall for client requesting an office lobby upgrade here in Pittsburgh. We also used it to house our "Live Outing Instagram Slideshow" script for our annual charity golf event!

Photo of Brian Higgins

Brian Higgins

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My new install for St James School.  Working on design now.  Uses as a 

Photo of Darius -

Darius -, Champion

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I'm in with 3 template layouts for a restaurant menu

Click image for full experience :)
Photo of William Oneal

William Oneal, Champion

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This is a raspberry pi 2 using Windows 10 IOT using an app thats in beta stages. Works well and probably runs a little better than the linux version i used.

Photo of Robert Blanda

Robert Blanda

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This is our little closed-circuit television and news channel which we will be syndicating with our facilities across the MIDJersey Region. Risevision has helped us get there. The support is awesome!
Photo of Mark Parsons

Mark Parsons

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Robert what kind of encoder/media player do you use? I'm using rise to create a tv channel as well, but can only get audio/video to function properly via a Windows OS. Ubuntu always generates an audio/video distortion no matter what I try.
Photo of kevin


  • 156 Points 100 badge 2x thumb
Here is one of our uses of Rise Vision.  Outdoor displays for our tents at festivals throughout the summer.  This is used for Salerno Pizza in the Chicago area.   
Photo of Lee Brewer

Lee Brewer

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We have Rise Vision in our showroom displaying the products and services we sell and support....including Ride Vision for our customers.
Photo of Lisa Farnham

Lisa Farnham

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Fargo Public Schools uses a Rise Vision display to greet visitors the our District Office and direct them to our receptionist. The display is set up to provide a QR code to our most recent e-newsletter and let visitors know about District news and events.
Photo of Dallas Hall

Dallas Hall

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Here is one of our digital posters at Southern Utah University. 
The system is run by our student government, and we have been loving the Rise Vision platform.

PS - We can't wait for the beta changes to be finalized!

Photo of Amy O'Neal

Amy O'Neal

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This small school LOVES RISE VISION! We advertise upcoming events in our halls and send live links to teachers to view to SmartBoards in classrooms - Great product Rise Vision! - Mooresville Christian Academy, Mooresville, Indiana
Photo of Shea

Shea, Official Rep

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Or an embedded google calendar using the HTML Widget
Photo of C Robert Cone

C Robert Cone

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I am just using an HTML item and embedding the html code, our district has calendar information so I start with that, then when someone scheduled a room that meeting is added to the calendar.  It allows school staff to update the calendar without ever having to go into rise vision and the info is always accurate.
Photo of C Robert Cone

C Robert Cone

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I even have different calendars showing at different times of the day, above is the monthly calendar and this is weekly one.
Photo of C Robert Cone

C Robert Cone

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Once you have your calendar setup with all the info you need, use this to get the code to embed.
Embed a calendar on your website
  1. On a computer, open Google Calendar. ...
  2. In the top right, click Settings > Settings.
  3. Open the Calendars tab.
  4. Click the name of the calendar you want to embed.
  5. In the Embed This Calendar section, copy the iframe code displayed.
Photo of C Robert Cone

C Robert Cone

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it will have in the code what size you need to make your placeholder.
Photo of Fifthscreen Doo

Fifthscreen Doo

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The horizontal screen is for big retail supermarket chain, the vertical is for agriculture retail chain.The picture with father and son looking at the display is proof of concept we did with Henkel using Rise Vision with Intel Aim face Recognition :)

Photo of Jye Pincham

Jye Pincham

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24 hour gyms in Brisbane,Australia. We use these screens in all clubs to give members workout tips, Promote Personal Trainers and show our facebook and twitter feeds
Photo of James Bowman

James Bowman

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We are a small school in rural NC and we use RiseVision in several different areas around the school.  We use one in the cafeteria to display menu and announcements, one at the main entrance, and one in the hallways.  We have a attendance data chart and a technology usage chart that are connected to a google spreadsheets that the principal updates daily and allows us to display the data in chart form.  We are finding new ways to use Rise Vision everyday.  We love this technology.
Photo of A Combs

A Combs

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I created this sign for our lobby and visiting guests.
Photo of Darius -

Darius -, Champion

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I'm just gonna bump this up with my new template entry
Photo of Darius -

Darius -, Champion

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Bump #2 - another template
Photo of Dan Dalzell

Dan Dalzell

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We are a public high school that uses RiseVision to show announcements and info on five 55" TV screens and Chrome boxes at key points around our school.  Our template is pretty basic with a weather, time, and date widgets/gadgets and then our main announcements appear in a photo album gadget which has a feed from a Picasa photo web album.  I love how easy it is to add or delete announcements from the displays simply by editing what's in the Picasa album (so I can do it from school, home, etc.).  Also, I formatted the photo album gadget to be in an HD 16x9 size.  Then I can bring in any 1920 x 1080 jpg image.  We currently do a daily athletic event slide in Word and convert it to a jpg. Many other announcement images are created in PPT.  I also just tell other contributors to send me any 1920x1080 image and we drop it into the show immediately.
Photo of Shawn S. Korin

Shawn S. Korin

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Take a look at this shopping mall! 7 screens and counting! News, Facebook, Weather, Maps, Videos, Photos and Time! Thanks Rise Vision!
Photo of Jean-Christophe UHL

Jean-Christophe UHL

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We love your solution ! Good job guys !

Photo of Darius -

Darius -, Champion

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One more entry