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I'm still a newbie in RiseVision but I beleive I've a good view how to broadcast multiple videos on a screen. However, when I present this to my colleagues, they claim it is a bit heavy.
Let me summarize.

I see two ways for broadcasting a set of videos to a screen
  1. Create one page (with one placeholder holding one single gadget) per video and list all pages in a schedule.
  2. Create one single page/placeholder with multiple gadgets playing video one at a time within the page and placeholder. 
In both cases, I need to manually get the length of each videos.
For method (1), I need to specify the length for each page in the schedule.
for method(2), I need to specify the length of each video in the settings of each corresponding gadget.

For method(2), it is even tricky if later on, I add a second page in the schedule. I will then have in addition to specify the total length of the page (the sum of the dureation of each video gadget). If I don't calculate the sum correctly or if later on, I add a extra video in the page without updating the total length of the page in the 'schedule', some videos could be skipped.

So, hard to explain to people from the communication team that are not IT neitehr video experts.

Hoping I explained the issue correctly, is there any other approach to manage multiple videos in a simple way ? Might we expect a gadget extracting automatically the length of the videos and the placeholder or page calculating the total duration ?

Thanks for sharing your experience.
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Thierry Masson, Champion

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Posted 3 years ago

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Alex Kolenoff

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Hi Thierry,

When you refer to "page", I believe you mean "presentation". 

1) Yes, for scenario 1 you would need to specify the duration in the schedule for each presentation

2) For scenario 2 where you have multiple videos, each in a widget, you can set them to Play Until Done in the Placeholder and not have to worry about the duration in the schedule, as long as that is the only presentation in the schedule.

However you are correct about scenario 2, if you add more presentations to the schedule, you would have to count the total time of all the videos (ie total time it takes for the presentation to complete the content) and set that as the duration time in the schedule for the presentation.  

At this time we do not have a Play Until Done option for schedules.
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Thierry Masson, Champion

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Hello Alex,

Indeed by page, I meant presentation.
So, my understanding was correct. Thanks for your reply.
Kind regards.