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I've been searching for a way to implement a photo gallery showing an instagram hashtag with no success. The rss feature from instagram is not working anymore ([hashtag name]/feed/recent.rss). I've tried numerous sites with rss feeds but these are not mrss feeds.

I already switched to the rss widget but this won't help as most of these rss feeds have a validation problem. I also tried yahoo pipes but this wouldn't run either

Has anybody a working solution to simply show pictures with a hashtag on instagram? Thanks in advance!

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Alain Claes

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Posted 4 years ago

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Hi Alain,

I've been checking on this for a period of time now. I haven't seen Instagram come out with any notification as to why the RSS links are no longer working, or with a viable alternative.

I know their API will allow a search for images using a hashtag.  That will involve a separate Gadget/Widget in order to use.  If anybody out there is interested in taking this on, you can find information on their API here.

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Tri-C Metro

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Alain - Try using IFTT (If This then That) and create a recipe that triggers a specific Instagram hashtag to automatically upload into your Flickr account.  Done.
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Indeed, that might be a workable solution. I'll give it a try.
Thanks Tri-C!
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The solution of using IFTTT (If This then That) to copy the pictures to a Flickr account worked perfectly for me.

In fact, I like this better than the direct feed from Instagram.  If someone posted something undesirable on Instagram, I couldn't do anything to remove it.  Now I can edit the Flicker account to delete the image or edit the caption.  That's a win!

I created an IFTTT "recipe" to watch for the most common hashtag our customers use and others for some of the other abbreviated tags they've come up with too.

Then, to get Flickr populated with some of the pics we've been missing since the Instagram feed went dark, I also created a "recipe" to watch for any photo I like on Instagram.  Then I used Instagram to locate the hashtagged images and clicked like on the ones I wanted to see copied to Flickr.  This wasn't a totally painless process though.  Still, better than manually downloading then uploading the images since it copies the caption and user name with the image.

I suspect that the "recipe" can only handle a limited number of pics at a time.  I suggest that you only like a few then wait for them to get copied by IFTTT.  Then un-like them before liking just a few more.  There is probably some delay before Instagram reports the new like.  IFTTT may be saving a cached list of what it's seen, even when it failed to copy.  Turning the "recipe" off then back on seemed to help reset that cache at times.  I did end up with some duplicates to delete.

For anyone new to IFTTT, they describe creating a recipe as a 7 step process.  Below is a description of the steps you need, including the ones they didn't number.

Go to and create a sign in account.  Watch for a confirmation email and follow the link to confirm your address to complete the account registration.

Click the button to "Create a Recipe".

Click the "this" part of the text "Ifthisthenthat".

Step 1 of 7. In the "Choose a Trigger Channel" search box, enter Instagram.

                    Click the Instagram Icon to select the trigger channel.

Step 2 of 7. "Choose a Trigger",  "New photo by anyone tagged".

Step 3 of 7. "Complete the Trigger Fields" by entering your tag without the hashtag symbol.
                    Click "Create Trigger".

Now click "that" in the "if(Instagram Icon)thenthat" line.

Step 4 of 7. In the "Choose Action Channel" search box, enter Flickr.

                    Click the Flickr Icon to choose Flickr.

Step 5 of 7. "Choose an Action", select "Upload public photo from URL".

Step 6 of 7. "Complete Action Fields", I only changed the "Tags" field - I don't need the Flickr account to have tags saying the image came from IFTTT and Instagram.  I entered the same hashtag as the one the recipe watches for - to help me keep track of where the picture came from.  Leave the other fields alone unless you have some need for something different.

                   Click "Create Action"

Step 7 of 7. "Create and Activate"  -  Click "Create Recipe"

That's it - the recipe has been created and is now checking periodically for new Instagram pics with your hashtag, then copying what it finds to your Flickr photostream.
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Kevin Reynolds

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Somewhere in the above process, you will be asked to allow ifttt to access your accounts.  Click to allow.

I used a new email account to create a new Instagram account and a new Flickr account to be used only for this linkage to Rise Vision.  Just so there won't be any issues with my personal accounts or the company accounts
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