Using Rise Vision as a screensaver

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the ability to run risevision as a screen saver would be really neat - let's say that we implement risevision on a cash register's screen and as soon as the cash register's computer is idle for a couple of minutes the screen saver would kick in and start playing a risevision presentation - that would be neat to have this option.
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Posted 7 years ago

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Paul Flanigan

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Very cool idea, Gabe!
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This would also be quite useful in a kiosk setting -- have the screensaver display ads, until a user interrupts to use the kiosk features.
Then, once the user is done, it will go back to displaying the ads.
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neat idea!
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I would very much like this feature for public area kiosks. We currently use Live Essentials as a screensaver and point it to a web share. It would be much more clean to manage this within the Rise Vision application.
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are there any updates on this possible gadget availability :)
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Robb, Official Rep

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We still have a few things to work on before we can consider adding this to the development schedule, but we will be sure to let the community know if and when we decide to add it.

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In the meantime you could try and use a workaround. The following software seems to be able to create simple screensaver out of a website:

So in theory (as I haven't tested this scenario yet :) you could create a screensaver with your presentation inside. Just preview your RV presentation and use "Share" / "Embed on your page" to create a webpage to host somewhere. Then point your screensaver software to that page's url. I imagine you would want to use a really lightweight presentation though...

If you test it and it works for you, please let us know!
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Geoff Fitz

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As a public library...this would be great for getting more Event Information, more knowledge about services, onto more screens!
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Thanks for the info on how you could use this Geoff.

Right now we don't have any plans on implementing this, but if that changes, we'll let everybody know.
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For Windows users, would this work?

I'm not savvy enough to test...
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Robb, Official Rep

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Interesting idea!

I'll try it sometime this week and let you know!
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So - how'd it go?
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Robb, Official Rep

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lo, sorry Ben, I got so sidetracked with this latest release that I forgot to try this. I'll put it on my to do list, as we hope to have testing completed in the next two weeks. Thanks for the reminder!
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Totally interested!

We are planning on setting up a display in the lobby of our department to show information.

We also have a computer in almost every room in the building. When these aren't being used, the monitors typically turn off. It would be so much more beneficial if we could implement a screen saver showing content instead. There seems to be many free solutions to make a screen saver from a URL (so you can just input your link from the share button). The only issue I run into, is with Windows 7, how do I make the screen saver run from the login screen.
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It looks like the login screensaver is disabled by default in Windows 7. I found a solution here that goes over enabling the screen saver at the login screen. Because we only found this with a Google Search, we haven't tried this before and we can't vouch for its success. Also, as with any changes in the Registry, making a backup first is recommended.

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William Oneal, Champion

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I have two screensavers done. One for OSX and one for Windows. Windows uses a chromium source and OSX uses the webview webkit that comes with Xcode. There still in beta testing, but i wanted to see if anyone would like to try them out. This would be great for kiosk or university setting in a lab. Haven't worked on a ubuntu or linux version yet but it could be the next project if people ask for it. Email at if interested.
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Geoff Fitz

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This works like a charm, William, thanks so much for putting that together. We are trying to build this into our environment now, and since it's an MSI you've made deployment quite a bit easier!

Once we play with it a bit more, we'll probably add it to our common disk image and spray it all over our public network. Now hopefully we can talk all those library folk out of taping cruddy paper posters all over tarnation! :)

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Rick R

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Add me to the list! This would be great for our personal banker pc!
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Chris Leigh

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Was this completed and where do I get a windows download ?
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Blake Freeman, Official Rep

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A third party developer, William Oneal has had some success with this. You can email him at