Rise Windows Player "Chrome is out of date" error message.

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Good morning Community,

This morning we were alerted to an issue with Rise Windows Player. The above dialog message, stating that Chrome needs to be reinstalled was discovered on our player version.

We are currently investigating a fix for this message. At this time, we suggest you click the Later button to ignore the message. We will be using this thread to keep you up to date with our findings, and any actions needed on your part, if necessary.
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Posted 3 years ago

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Chrome update RV Player - Windows.

Chrome is displaying a message on top of the presentation saying that an update is available.

Is it possible to update Chrome manually or how do I disable the message? 

I think an update error is causing this, I get an error message when I try to update Chrome located in the RV player folder.

Chrome Version 44
RV Player (latest)
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Robert Bisconti

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I am getting the same error in the screenshot above on both of my Windows Players.
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David McFadyen

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i am getting the same error today - Is there a resolution to this problem?
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I am having a different issue.  The units I have loaded the new Rise Player on, when I dial into them using TeamViewer, nothing is playing.  When I installed the New Rise Player, it loaded and things worked.  But I never did dial back into it after a reboot which I have done today and the screen is black.  Can I load some sort of remote on it and let you dial into it and see what is going on?  I can then go in a fix on all the other boxes.
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Brian, I've used UltraVNC for this on Windows machines. Content will not be seamless and there will be some lag that will (most likely) not be present on the local display, but it does allow you to see the active session, restart from cmd prompt (shutdown /r) if need be, etc.
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Not quite following you on this.  TeamViewer has worked great to dial into this box.  I do not believe the New Rise Player is running.  What do you need to dial into one of the boxes.  Or do you want to call me to discuss? 
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Bryan Mullins

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Oh Sorry Mark.  I thought it was a Rise tech support person I was answering.  You are a community contributor.  Disregard the dialing in part.  I have used TeamViewer for a long time and it works well.  That is not the issue.  The issue is the new Rise Player that I installed.  The boxes that it was installed on (about 10 out of 90), there is nothing playing now after a reboot, but the ones that are the old player are still playing fine when I look at it on TeamViewer.
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Can you please send through a preview link of the presentation/s in question? Also the name of the Display/s and we can investigate this further. Feel free to send these through to support@risevision.com

If the issues are occurring on boxes grouped within the same network, this may be a networking connectivity issue. Have a look at the resources that require access to Rise Player under 'Install Rise Player' here.
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Not sure why this is the case on a Windows system. Here is an untested registry edit to potentially solve this issue. Rise does recommend sticking with the most up-to-date version of Chrome, so that may be the easiest method to solve, since v44 is a bit older.

For Ubuntu users out there, 32-bit Chrome is no longer supported
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Interesting read, since Ubuntu 32-bit is listed in the Create a Display page...
Do we need to be sure we're using 64-bit now?
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Hi Wendi,
In the article it explains that Chromium 32-bit will still be supported. This will probably remain the case for quite some time. Chrome, is supported by Google and will only affect those Linux 32-bit users who use Chrome and not Chromium. As far as the Rise Vision interaction here, their current native installation utilizes Chromium builds, so I don't think there is anything to worry about. Unless you're using 32-bit Chrome with the old Rise Chrome App Player.
Hope that clarifies.
Joe Kirchner
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Hello Community,

Just letting you know that we have released a new version of installer that has addressed this error message. If you still encounter this message, kindly upgrade your Rise Player.