Raspberry Pi B Filling Up Disk

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This might not be a RiseVision specific problem, but here it is.  I was able to successfully get my Raspberry Pi B up and running, following the optimization guide (which has since been replaced by the RPi2 guide), and installing the Rise Vision player.  I could then send a schedule to this display (after activating it) and it showed my presentation as expected.  Checking back after a couple days, there was nothing but a blank screen.  I rebooted and discovered an error during boot that there was not enough storage for something so it was using /tmp.  Then there was a blank, black screen again.  No desktop.  No UI.  No player.  No display.

Since the problem was with storage space, I bought a 32GB SD card to replace the 8GB NOOBS pre-installed card I bought and started over.  Again, I was able to get everything going just fine.  However, just as before, I found a blank screen a couple days later.  I think this has something to do with logs, but I'm not 100% certain.

I've searched the knowledge base here, but, frankly, the search feature is lacking.  Surely I'm not the only one who has experienced this.  What else can I do?
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Posted 4 years ago

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Very interesting. I have not heard of anyone else having this problem. We have one of the original Pi B's running, and we have not had any disk space issues. Did you install any other applications on the Pi? Depending on the content you are displaying, I suppose it could be a caching issue. But I wouldn't think you would fill up a 32GB drive that way.
Thank you for the reply.  I wouldn't think I would be filling it up that fast, at least.  I don't think I have deviated any from the standard recommended install.  NOOBS > update/upgrade > enable ssh > install vino to run at startup > unclutter > power settings > risevision player.

I am going through the composite video, which is why I bought the B.
Update here.
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If you use the raspbian Noobs installer don't forget to resize your SD Card with the command
sudo raspi-config
Thank you for the reply.  I sure did use the expander in NOOBS.  It told me I couldn't expand anymore and that if I used NOOBS to install, NOOBS likely already expanded for me.  Then I copied the image from the 8 GB SD card to the 32 GB and it told me the same thing.  I used GParted to try to move and expand the partitions, but they would have none of it.  It seems that some of the partitions on the NOOBS pre-installed SD card was preventing any further expansion.  That's when I decided to just wipe the 32 GB out and start with the latest Raspbian image.  I was able to expand the entire partition and use what equated to 30 GB.  It still filled up and locked up on me.  Boo.
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This is a tough one, and may be outside of the scope that we can help with. Can I suggest you head over to the NOOBS repo and submit an issue to their developers?
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What you're describing is symptomatic of /tmp filling up for some reason.  Can you post the output of running "df -h" ?

In addition to /tmp, /var and /home could be involved.

To see usage on each:

$ sudo du -csh /tmp
$ sudo du -csh /var/*
$ sudo du -csh /home/*

You could also see what has been modified recently using something like:

$ sudo find / -mmin -60 -ls

to see files modified in the last hour