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Will there ever be a time when we can host our own data? We are a Google Domain so we have Google Drive as a data store (if needed), but we do not allow external access (at the moment) for security reasons.
Last time I attempted to try your product I was told that all data had to be made public (all external users could see it).
Is this still true? 
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Posted 3 years ago

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As far as I'm aware, as long as content is hosted on some sort of webserver (even if it's not available outside of your LAN), you should be able to access it with direct IP address links.

Personally, I've used my own private content by turning the signage player into a webserver with Apache, that is only available to it's localhost. If you wanted to use an image hosted on player itself in the Image Widget for example, in the url section you'd simply put or http://localhost/yourimagehere.png or whatever your loopback link is, and the image will show just fine (only on the player hosting the image, though!). You can also use webservers hosted on your LAN with the same principle. If your player is on the same network as the webserver, and it can see it, you just need to put the proper address of your server in, for example something like That way you can have multiple players seeing the same image.

I've used both of these methods and they've worked great. If your server also acts as a VPN server, you can even still access the webserver's files with the same principle for players outside of your local network, while still remaining completely private. You just have to connect the external players to your VPN and use the server's VPN link instead, so something like instead.

Just keep in mind that technically these images are "public", as they don't require authentication and anyone on your LAN will be able to access them (but that's what you want anyway!), but they are hosted privately and are not available outside of your LAN.

These methods obviously mean that you can't preview the presentations properly if you are outside of the network that the images are hosted on.

Hope this helps!

EDIT: added an example for clarification
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Nice explaination
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Thanks Nathan!
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Ok, seems like an idea, but putting apache on the player somewhat defeats the pure chrome OS objective.
But you have given me food for thought, so thanks for that!!