Play Until Done with HTML Widget videos?

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Once again, we are trying to figure out a way to get our signage displays to play a random video from a pool of varied-length videos. Since there's no built-in "random" functionality in any of the RiseVision video widgets, we've been forced to get a little creative with the HTML widget.

Last year, I tried something similar by using the old HTML placeholder object to play a random video from a list (linking to a RiseVision storage url, where the videos are stored). The problem I faced back then was that whenever the presentation cycled back through the schedule, it would already be in the middle of playing a video. It wouldn't start playing when the presentation started, because the old HTML object couldn't seem to communicate with the RiseVision API - it just looped the random videos in the background, even when the presentation wasn't active on the screen.

Fast forward to 2016, and there's a dedicated HTML widget. Piecing together a little code sourced from helpful forums on the internet, we've got a simple means of playing a random video, and it reliably starts playing the video from the beginning every time the presentation cycles through the schedule! So far, so good.

There remains one issue, however: the videos are all of varying lengths. While the HTML widget does have a "Play Until Done" check-box, there doesn't seem to be a way to indicate when the video is actually done playing.

Looking through the forums, I found a link to this page which shows the function used by RiseVision to tell the player the widget is "done" so the PUD flag can trigger. Unfortunately, I'm an artist and not a programmer! I've tried to figure out how this function actually works so far to no avail.

So here is the root of my question,

Is this "done" function something that could be "plugged in" to the video code I've already compiled, to inform the player to stop and move on to the next presentation? Or is it meant to be implemented into the scripts of the widget, itself? If it is the latter, I will likely have to find another solution altogether.

Thanks for any advice or suggestions!


Here is a link to the code I'm using within the HTML widget:
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I had a similar request regarding play until done, however this was for an external website (via the HTML Widget) and not specific to videos. But I think the same can be applied (if you had the HTML videos together in a .html file and link to it)

You may want to get in touch with the poster again to see if they have made further progress with the suggestion.

Thanks and let us know how you go!

And anyone else that has developed a solution to a similar issue to this feel free to pitch in as well.