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Well, two questions actually...
Why do we have to assign place holders in a presentation to a display?  Doesn't the presentation the placeholder is in get assigned to a display in the scheduler?  
I have a really simple setup, 8 displays each showing just one full screen jpeg image on them, they don't change until we manually change them.
So I have 8 presentations, and each one of the 8 has a place holder assigned to one display.  ie; Presentation one placeholder goes to display one, Presentation two placeholder to display two, etc.
Then I have 8 schedules setup, Schedule 1 sends presentation one to display one, Schedule 2 send presentation two to display two and so on for all 8.
When I want to change an image on display 3 for example, I just go to Presentation 3, right click on the place holder and change the image, then Save, then Publish. This pushes it out to the display immediately.

Does this sound like the best way to do this? 
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Posted 4 years ago

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umm, if you have 8 displays, running the same presentation with same jpeg on all of them, why making 8 presentations?

Just make one, and assign it to all displays. Of course this is right if i understood you correctly :)
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Hi Eugene,

You don't have to specify Displays (the Distribution) of a Placeholder.  You can leave it as the default All Displays.  This Distribution function would allow you to have a single Presentation of the same layout and then be able to assign a particular piece of content to specific screens.  The reasoning could be for regional content, but there could be other reasons as well.

You could put everything into one Presentation and assign each image to go to a different Display.  Then it is just a single Schedule you have that goes to them all.  In terms of the best way, it has to do with what you're comfortable with. with.

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Fifthscreen - Each display gets a different image.
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Hi Neal, thanks again for getting back to me.  I will try that too but for now the way I have it seems pretty easy, just click on the place holder and change the image. I named the presentations to the screen each one has to go to, so pick the screen you want to change the image on, and just right click and change it.

I will play around with what you suggested as well.

oh, and being able to assign an outside URL to a presentation... genius