Pause Picasa queue, show other presentation, then Resume Picasa queue

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Hi there!

I have searched the forum but couldn't find a similar question, so here's mine.

My goal is to display multiple pictures from Picasa on the Picasa Gadget.

I want to achieve something like this:

Start Schedule
1) Play Presentation with Picasa Gadget and show picture 1-10 of one album.
2) After that, play a Presentation with e.g. a webpage
3) After that, play the Presentation from step 1 but then picture 11-20
4) After that, play some other Presentation with who knows what
5) After that, play the Presentation from step 1 but then picture 21-30
6) After that, play some other Presentation with, again, who knows what
7) Loop back to step 1

The thing is, i want to give some people access to the Picasa album so that they can upload images, even from their Smartphones.
I want to go a step further, i want to give them all freedom in this Picasa album. So one day the album may contain 12 images, the other day it may contain 36 images.

So for example, the album contains 36 images, after Step 7 it loops back to Step 1. But it then has to play image 31-36 (6 images) and then replay the album with only image 1-4 (total of 10 images in one presentation)

In other words, is it possible to Pause the Queue with Picasa Images, Play another Presentation, Resume the queue, Pause the Queue, Play another Presentation, Resume etc etc.

Is this also possible with RSS feeds? First show the first 5 rss messages, then play another presentation, then play the next 5 rss messages etc etc.

Thanks in advance!

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Posted 4 years ago

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Hi Roland,

If the number of images were static, it would be a lot easier.  You can have the Gadget set to play for a specific number of seconds (X).  When the Gadget is on screen, you have it set to show each image for a shorter duration.  So if you want to show 10 images at 5 seconds each time the Gadget is onscreen, you would set the Gadget to show for 50 seconds.

You can then add a Presentation Item to appear after the Photo Album Gadget.  In this second Presentation you'll have your other content that will cycle based on the Presentation Item's duration.

If the number of images vary at a given point, the Display will still show the 10 images every 50 seconds, if it gets to the end of the list prior to the 50 seconds, it will continue with images from the start.  If there are fewer images than the Duration would go through in that time, it would cycle through from the start until the 50 seconds completed.

RSS feeds would act very similarly to the Photo Album Gadget.