Method to Play Random Videos from Playlist?

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Hello! First, I'll explain my reason for this inquiry:

Our company has a schedule of presentations geared toward safety playing on our warehouse displays. One of the presentations includes a series of .webm safety videos. Currently, the displays play two or three "announcement" presentations, and then all the safety videos in a row.

The problem is the length of the safety video presentation. With all those videos lumped together, the announcement presentations are hardly ever seen, and employees must resort to waiting for the safety presentation to cycle through in order to read them.

I believe the best solution would be to only play one or two random safety videos every "cycle", instead of the entire sequential list. Not only would it satisfy the desire to show announcements more frequently, but it would keep the safety videos fresh, and adding more videos to the "pool" in the future would not further marginalize other content in the schedule.

Now, my question is: Can this be accomplished?

I have dug around fruitlessly for potential methods to accomplish this. The simplest way would be to "shuffle" the list of videos in a presentation, then sync the schedule play time with the length of the video - of course, a problem arises since not all the videos are the same length, and there does not appear to be a "Play Until Done" modifier for schedules. Of course, the ideal method would be a widget that can be instructed to play x random videos from a list, and play each video until it's finished.

From what I can tell, there's no way to achieve results like this with the widgets available from RiseVision at this time, so I began to look for alternatives. I tried using custom HTML and java scripts to play random videos, but then the presentation does not "refresh" unless scripted to do so after x number of seconds, which would present syncing issues over time. (Unless there's a way to code it to recognize when the player is playing the presentation. I am, admittedly, not versed in the art of programming.) Either way, from what I've seen RiseVision reps say on this site, it's inadvisable to use HTML to play video.

Has anyone figured out a way to play random videos from a list, or am I missing something obvious? If the capability does not actually exist at this point, then please consider this as a suggestion for future implementation. I can imagine many uses for cycling random videos from a pool, from displaying safety signage like in my example, to running ads or featuring an album of photos from a recent event between a schedule's core content.

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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi Terry,

Thank you for your well thought out and explained question. At this point, there is no functionality built into the Rise Platform like you are asking for. I believe I may have an option that may work for you.

Within the editor, it's possible to set a schedule for an individual placeholder. My suggestion would be to have one placeholder that fills the entire screen. Add videos individually to this placeholder using the HTML5 Video Widget, then add the announcement presentations. Within the announcement presentations, click edit next to timeline, and change the duration to something a bit longer, so they have plenty of time to appear and be read by employees.
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Thanks for replying, Blake!

However, I'm having trouble understanding your suggestion. I follow you up to adding videos to the HTML5 Video Widget, but when you say "then add the announcement presentations", do you mean add the assets for those announcements to the same placeholder as the safety videos? Or are you saying add the announcement presentations to the schedule along with the new video presentation, then simply extend the duration?

I'm afraid neither of those options would achieve my goal, if I understood your instructions correctly. In both cases, all the safety videos would play through each cycle in order. We don't necessarily want to increase the amount of time the other content displays for, simply its frequency of displaying compared to the other content. (Furthermore, some of the announcements are also timed videos, so changing duration wouldn't be an effective route.) Please let me know if I have misunderstood your suggestion.

I'm currently experimenting with YouTube playlist embed codes. I'm thinking it might be possible to get a YouTube playlist to shuffle with a little tweaking. Still not sure how well it will integrate with the RiseVision player, or how to deal with the variable video lengths of the safety content, but it's the only viable option I know to pursue at this point.

If I figure something out, I'll be sure to post what I find here!