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Hi All,

I'm pretty new to Rise Vision and overall I do think it is good.

However the interface is not. It takes a lot of getting used to and is not intuitive.

Issues that I see:

1. One Schedule per Display is a problem.
That means a Display can either show 1 particular Schedule or a blank screen. This is really inflexible.

2. No bulk handling of Presentation settings.
Schedule changes need to be done one by one. We need checkboxes to multiple select.

3. No save warning when navigating away from page.

4. No drag and drop Presentation list reordering.
The little arrows make it difficult to move an item from top to bottom.

Below is how I use Rise Vision.

I have 2 visiting surgeons in my office, each once a month on Friday. I have a digital display with surgeon name and logo and a patient education display in the waiting room. I use the office Monday through to Thursday and they come on Fridays irregularly. 
My patient education schedule is below.

"Splash" is my name and logo. If I want to disable my content on Fridays and show visiting surgeon content instead, I need to open each item and edit the timeline and press Okay. I also need to add their content to an already long playlist and disable it Monday to Thursday.

Wouldn't it be easier to just use a different schedule. 
The other option is to make a really long video by combining the above videos and make changes one one presentation only or use the video folder.

It really should be simple but has me looking for another platform.

I also think adding a duration and timeline column would help rather than opening each item in turn to see when it is timetabled. We also need to be able to add fixed dates in addition to the existing options.

What does everyone think, is their scope to fix these issues or should I bail now? Am I using Rise Vision as it has been designed?

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Rupert Snyman

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Posted 3 years ago

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Ray Durkin

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Hi Rupert,

Thanks for the great feedback and giving us a chance to respond!  

In looking at what your objective is regarding the timing, I have a couple of questions/suggestions here.

First - I can't see what is in each presentation, but it appears that each of your presentations is a single item - is that right?  Is there any reason you can't build what we see here in your schedule as a single presentation?  There is scheduling capabilities on playlist items just like there are with the schedule here.  So if you want for example - the item called AMA Freeze 91s to only show up on Mondays, you can set that in the presentation playlist.

I ask because if could build a single presentation with a playlist that matches what you have here on your schedule, then inserting a separate presentation for each of the visiting surgeons on their Fridays would be a much simpler proposition.  You could just insert the presentation into the schedule, set a start time of 9:00am and and end time of 5:00pm and give it a duration of 28,800 seconds (8 hour day) and that presentation would take over for 8 hours - once that duration was up the display would revert back to the normal content. 

Let me know what you think