In case you missed it for the week ending Jul 29th

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What we did last week:

  • Player Reliability is holding at 97% and we are continuing to investigate memory leaks, web page issues, large image files, multiple video issues. The goal is to achieve 99% reliability.

  • Apps team is continuing to work on improvements in the Editor to simplify the flow for adding images and videos to Presentations and these changes will start to be deployed next week.

  • Delivery team is continuing to implement the new Display messaging service that will include the ability to get Display Screenshots if you opt in for them.

  • Open defects are holding at 4 across our 60 active projects on GitHub. Zero open is the goal.

  • The Content team has finished the new Google Spreadsheet Widget. We’re now working on Image Widget improvements to increase the reliability of Rise Player.

  • We’re hiring a Business Development Manager, read about the position here.

  • We’ve added lots of new content to our Dribbble page which you can see here.

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Posted 2 years ago

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Robb, it occurs to me that we spend most of our hardware development  time here at RPT attempting to torture hardware with very demanding multiple video presentations running on under powered hardware that's at temperature limits. In that process we can crash a player a couple of times per week or sometimes much more. All of those issues are hardware related, I don't believe any of these issues come from Rise.

That said, we find that only hardware pushed to very extreme limits or very bad WiFi connections crashes Rise Electron on Windows 10 these days. The older Chrome versions we much worse.

Based on our experience I do suspect that summer temperatures will cause more randomly overheated players that can throttle to the point that Rise can become non-responsive at times.We also see drops in WiFi speeds at high temperatures. The easiest way to see if it's throttling is try stopping the player. If a player is severely throttling, when we try to stop the Rise Player we often have to try 5-6 times before the Rise Player actually stops. Same with hitting Ctrl-Alt-Delete and starting Task Manager, it gets very sluggish to respond to a keyboard. 

The improvement in reliability has been very significant from the Rise Vision side on a properly running and configured player.

Keep up the great work.
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Hi Robb,

Can you provide any details on the Display messaging service your team is working on?

Will you be bringing back email alerts for players?

I've been playing with the OnsignTV platform recently and though there are definitely many areas that Rise Vision beats it hands down, the features they have for monitoring players is definitely something to check out. I get a real-time log of every presentation as it plays, I can export reports, remote view screenshots, monitor resource usage and configure email alerts.

I don't think this has been a key focus for Rise Vision in the past but it might be worth consideration if it hasn't been.

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Hi Travis,

Long time no talk. Hope all is well in the far north.

We are working on providing screen shots now, no ETA as of yet, and the new messaging service that provides this ability should give us much greater accuracy as to whether a display is currently online or not.

Once the above is finished we will be introducing a premium service that will provide alert notifications as to whether a display is offline when it should be online. Pricing and schedule for this hasn't been finalized.

And somewhere in here we will be introducing proof of play, with export capability, and pricing and schedule haven't been finalized for it either.

We needed to get some backbone pieces in place before we could tackle either of these.

I am curious though, can you tell me what you would be looking for in terms of resource usage reporting?

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Hi Byron,

Hope you're well! We're having a very nice summer up here as far as arctic summers go.

It's been awesome watching Rise Vision grow over the years. What you and your team have accomplished is impressive and inspirational.

The presentation features and functionality of Rise Vision is outstanding and I think adding monitoring/reporting features will be an important addition to the platform.

Currently when I login to check my displays I tend to hold my breathe not knowing if I have an added work load if any of my displays are down. Of course this tends to be a internet or hardware issue but having a good understanding of how my displays are operating gives peace of mind.

I have a test display in my office to test content before I publish to public displays but I never know for sure if content is playing and a green light next to my displays only assures me that they are connected to the internet.

In a perfect world every piece of content would be confirmed to have played successfully and would report errors when they happen.

I recently had some bandwidth issues for months where my costs went way up and I had to implement my own tracking to determine the issue. Perhaps bandwidth monitoring is something to consider.

Other areas for resource usage reporting could be CPU, Memory, Disk Usage and Uptime. 

When your displays are in locations that you are not able to monitor personally, having confidence that they are operating as expected is incredibly valuable.

I have no doubt you and your team have already taken many of these ideas in to consideration but I thought I should share my experience and the value these types of features have to me.


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Thanks for the clarifications Travis. Most helpful as always. We are getting there slowly but surely on all of the above. 
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With all the new stuff that rise is working on, would it be possible if rise would allow third parties to have some testing time before implementing new things. The few things im more worried about are cache, screenshot, proof of play, and a few others. Things that are going to be added to the player that i might want to add to the android side of things. I would hate to have something implemented and our apps not work on the day its released. 

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Hi William, 

For changes we are making that will impact all Players we will do our absolute best to get those up for review as early as possible. Just like the design specification we shared for the new Rise Cache we are now working on. 

Where changes are isolated to the Electron Player we are working in a continuous delivery iterative style to constantly test and refine how things work. Once it is proven and finalized in this environment we will make it available wherever we can to all other Players.