How to stop video from looping?

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I know the RV support guys have already looked at this, and said it wasn't going to be fixed ....

But I was just approached by our Students with Disabilities Office about displaying a short 'how to sign' video of the week to get the word out to the campuses about their office and also use these videos on the digital signage to teach people basic signs. We all think this is a great idea and imaginative usage of our signage.

So with respect to the RV support guys, I just thought I'd ask the RV community again to see if one of you has solved this problem, maybe in an unorthodox way?

Anyway, here we go: This presentation plays a single video (our featured 'sign of the week') in a HTML5 Video widget. After this single video presentation plays, the schedule is supposed to go onto the next presentation in the schedule queue.

But after multiple attempts with changing the duration of the presentation itself, the duration of the presentation in the schedule, selecting PUD (or not) in the widget settings, or selecting the HTML5 Video widget to be the "Play Until Done Placeholder" in the presentation settings ... the video will not start playback from the beginning of this presentation, because it keeps on looping. 

And since you can't stop the looping, and the video doesn't start over at the beginning of each play of the presentation (it keeps the index position), the actual beginning of the video and the beginning of the presentation gets further and further out of sync.

Has anyone discovered a way to force the video to the start time index 0 each time the presentation plays?

Much thanks

p.s. I tried using uploading the video to Vimeo, since that widget actually gives me a loop box to uncheck! But it's even worse. It also starts at the same index it stopped during the last playthrough, but the same video on Vimeo doesn't even continue playing during the next iteration of the presentation. It just freezes on the frame it stopped on during the last playthrough, and remains stuck there like a picture in later plays of the presentation .... sigh ...
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Posted 4 years ago

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  • How long is the video that you are trying to display?
  • How long is the presentation that this video is contained in scheduled for?
  • How long it is taking for this video to lose sync?
I have tried reproducing this issue, and am unable to come up with anything so far.
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 - The video is 1:33 or 93 seconds long.

 - The presentation is also scheduled for 93 seconds each time it plays in the schedule queue.

 - After 4-5 plays, the presentations starts ending 1-2 seconds before the video ends. After about 10 plays, this presentation BEGINS by playing the last 2 seconds of the end of the video, beginning the out of sync looping.

Depending on how long you let the presentation play, it'll eventually start at the middle of the video, and play to the middle before ending ....

So we'd have to limit out video playback to only about 5 times a day, as the player restarts in the early morning hours. This would reset both counters to temporarily help this sync issue, right?
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From what you say, it starts out playing fine after a reboot so it sounds like that helps the sync issue for a little while.  Can you set something up on the machine that the presentation is playing on, to reboot it at specific intervals during the day?  If what you are trying to achieve would require it rebooting so often that it would be disruptive (and also get blocked), that probably wouldn't be a good solution.  Perhaps you could also make some copies of the video and upload them with different names, put them in your playlist as separate items scheduled for different times (one for every x hours?), to get more playtime before it gradually loses sync.  Let me know if that makes sense, I am just trying to visualize the situation and may not have grasped it entirely.
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Thanks for responding. I do see what you mean.

I just wish there were a less complicated way to accomplish this. We'd like to feature single short videos to promote different departments and programs for our college throughout the day. With keeping track of different versions of each video we play, and with different campus schedules, management becomes rather difficult.

But you do win points for the most creative solution! ;)