How To Set Up Alerts on your Display

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What are Alerts? The Rise Vision alert service gives you the ability to set up an emergency notification system that automatically overrides the content on your Displays to deliver critical, real time, visual messages to your audience.

To set up your alert system, you will need a 3rd party alert service that is CAP 1.2 (Common Alerting Protocol)-compliant. You also need to allow alerts for your company in Rise Vision. When you do so, the alerts will appear on all of the Displays that you have selected in the Distribution field. Alerts appear within a Presentation that you designate as your Alert Presentation.

Enable Alerts for your Company
  1. Click the Alerts link at the top of

  2. In the Acceptance field, read the information, follow the recommendations provided and check the checkbox if you agree. Use of the alerts service requires this field to be checked to indicate your consent to these terms of use.

  3. The Web Service URL field is a read only field that shows the URL that the 3rd party alert service sends your CAP 1.2 alert messages to. If you need to change the URL for security or other reasons, click the Reset link. This opens a window reminding you to inform your alert service of the new URL. Click the OK button to confirm the reset.

  4. In the Authentication Name and Authentication Password fields, enter the login name and password required to authenticate alert posts, if this information is supported by your alert provider.

Configure Alerts
  1. The Show Filters field can be used to allow only certain types of alert messages from alert service providers. Click the Show Filters button to reveal the filter fields, where you can select the specific types of alerts to be shown by:

  2. Sender: comma-separated list of approved senders; leave blank for all.

    Status: Actual, Exercise, System, Test and/or Draft.

    Handling: comma-separated list of user-defined codes; leave blank for all.

    Category: Geophysical, Meteorological, Safety, Security, Rescue, Fire, Health, Environment, Transport, Infrastructure, Chemical / Biological / Radiological / Nuclear / Explosive and/or Other. Urgency: Immediate, Expected, Future, Past and/or Unknown. Severity: Extreme, Severe, Moderate, Minor and/or Unknown.

    Certainty: Observed, Likely, Possible, Unlikely and/or Unknown.

    Code: comma-separated list of user-defined codes; leave blank for all.

  3. In the Text field, you can select which alert fields containing text from the alert service to show on the screen. You can select Headline, Description and/or Instruction.

Add an Alert Presentation
  1. In the Presentation field, select which of your Presentations to show on the Display when an alert is sent. Click the Change link to open a Select Presentation window, showing a list of all of your Presentations. Click the Select link beside the name of the Presentation that you wish to use for alerts. This closes the window and puts the name of the selected Presentation in this field.

  2. If you wish to use it, an pre-built Alert Presentation template is available from the Presentations page. To use it, follow these steps:

  3. At https://apps.risevision.con, go to your Presentations page.

    Click the Shared Templates button.

    Select the Alert Presentation template by clicking on it.

    This will create a copy of the Alert Presentation in your Company. Click Apply to save the Presentation properties, and then save the Presentation.

  4. In the Distribution field, you can select to show the alert on All Displays, or only show on certain Displays, click the Edit link to the right of “All Displays” and select them. Click the Save button when completed..

  5. In the Default Expiry field, specify the length of time (in minutes) that the alert will be shown if the Expiration Date/Time of the alert has not been specified by the alert provider.

Save your Settings
Once you’ve enabled and configured all of the details for your alerts system, don’t forget to save your changes on the Alerts page. To do so, click the Save button in the bottom right corner of the page.
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Posted 3 years ago

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What 3rd party apps is there that can be used for this?
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The two that we have tested were GetRave and E2Campus. Another user has set up a alerts management system that you can read all about here. I hope that helps!
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Just a heads up for those trying to get this to work.

It might not be immediately obvious from the instructions above, but you must set filters for Status, Category and Certainty.  If none are checked, no alert will be triggered.