How to manage great leads and closing sales with rise vision digital signage solutions ?

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Blog any ideas my area is dead ...
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Brian Miguel Bernal

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  • Need help with sales !!!

Posted 3 years ago

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Hi Brian,

Thanks for posting this thread. I would be interested in hearing what some of the complete solutions providers on this community have to say!

Would you mind sharing what you've tried and have found does not work for you?
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brian bernal

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I just started my business but my sales pitch has been weak, to be honest Im not an expert in sales, I would like to get pointers from the pros here. The few things I would like to know is what makes the customer change his mind from just making an investment in which they think there  is no ROI  hard to believe. The honest truth is what most of them think. Telling them that they will make their business look more appealing with vibrant true hd graphics and content. Will be easier to inform customers and staff with out forgetting a message. Running adds and focusing in new content in which I will provide with a maintenance contract that offers new slides and content each month is not enough to them then what else? Telling them that its going to be more efficient for their business but all they think is how much money they will get back on their return. How do we take that cloud of their heads? thanks for the Reply Blake 
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Hey Brian, I've been doing digital signage for 10 years - and it's probably better if your not a 'salseman'. I want to keep this general so it fits any of your clients. You need to understand who they are, how they operate, and the real value you bring. Do not make false promises that you cannot back up (ex: sales increases, etc). Plus, all of that will probably make your customer gloss over anyways.

The best way to sell it is to paint the picture through their eyes. Pretend like Rise is not an open source platform with many applications...instead, pretend that it's only use is for that one customer you are going to see. My advice is to set up a demo display, and create it as an exact replica for how they will use it. Customize all the graphics and everything to them - so when they see it, they're immediately immersed in it's application. If it's a bar/restaurant...connect your player to one of their own TV's. Then show them how they will update their ads...or show them examples of how you'll update their ads/content. Let them ask questions and go from there.

When the question of ROI comes up, remind them that there are no guarantees for ANY marketing medium...if there were, everyone would flock to the one that guarantees results. Instead - explain the value of instant communications...fresh content...attracting the audience to their message....showing a higher quality message through dynamic content...and if they really become a stickler for ROI, tell them how they can calculate it themselves (ex: in the most basic sense...snapshot of current sales of heavy promotion for X with a specific call to action...measure again after y time period)

Then wrap up with the amazing support you'll provide, how you'll ensure they look good, and how you'll keep a watch over their system for training/issues that may come up.

This is my quick overview, hope that helps. There's a substantial amount of 'other details' based on your target client. Everyone will buy this and see it differently. Just don't sell...just paint.

I wrote an article about this in RavePubs earlier this year - still working on part II. But if you want some more "meeting" type info you can read it here:
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Hi Brian, I concur with Alex in that a "shotgun" approach of just doing generic digital signage doesn't work very well these days.  You have to speciailize to connect with specific needs for a client.  I will give you 3 examples that Rise Display (a division of Rise) focuses on.  The first is where we created a ticker product ( that is flexible so architects can leverage it to create sports or finance atmospheres.

The second is a combination of that ticker and using Rise Vision for creating video walls (we call it Marketwall) for showing financial data specific to finance labs in business schools (

The third is focusing in on donor recognition displays (  

In both cases we didn't look at the huge digital signage market we took tiny sub markets that were under serviced and developed packages that included hardware, software, content design, installation, support etc.  In each case we don't sell "digital signage" we sell a package that meets a need.

So my advice would be to start with what you know.  Do you have a background in a certain segment or lots of clients in an area that you can really focus in on why they use signage then put together a solution that solves a problem.  Think small, create something that doesn't take a lot of time to build, go put it in front of clients, fail, learn from that failure by improving it, and keep iterating.  

I don't think there is any surefire method or easy button - in most cases the sales cycle is long so you have to focus in, build a pipeline and keep improving your offering.
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Brian Miguel Bernal

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Thank you Guys for helping out I can totally agree on your answers and keep the good work. Enjoy the Holidays Ryan and Alex, Rise vision Rocks!
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We're always glad to help Brian!