How To: Create a Presentation for two Displays on one Media Player

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This guide will walk you through creating a presentation that can be delivered to multiple Displays.

We need to combine the resolution of both screens. For this example, I'm going to use two 1920x1080 Displays, both are in landscape mode. I'll need to combine the landscape resolution of these two displays. The resolution I'll need is 3840x1080.
  1. Click the settings cog in editor
  2. Click the settings bar next to Resolution, and select custom
  3. In the width field, enter 3840
  4. Click ok

Now that I have a presentation set up at my combined resolution, I need to setup a placeholder for each screen. 
  1. Click the Placeholder icon
  2. Change the Width of the placeholder to 1920 pixels
  3. Add a presentation to this placeholder
  4. Save placeholder
After the placeholder dialog has closed, I'm going to drag this placeholder to the top left corner in Editor.

Repeat these steps for a second placeholder, and drag that placeholder to the top right corner in Editor.

That's it! You now have a presentation that is capable of delivering an independent placeholder to two different displays from one Media Player!
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Posted 3 years ago

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And how do I connect 2 displays to 1 Chromebox?

So their website is saying that I need to use both (different) ports for dual display.  Would that work OK, have you tried?
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Nathan Cummins

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Using the same technique, is it possible to show a presentation on 3 or more screens? Or will some operating system/video card trickery fooling the OS into "stretching" one desktop across two screens be necessary?
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Can anyone confirm how to successfully connect 2 displays to 1 chromebox?
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We are interested in using this same approach (one stretched presentation, one media player, showing different placeholders on two displays located next to each other).  Can anyone confirm they are using this approach on either a Windows based or Linux based Intel NUC i3?  Thank you in advance!
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Did anybody able to get this one? I tried everything still the second screen doesn't show up anything.
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