Google Chrome starts in Windows when computer restarts, Rise Vision Chrome App doesn't

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I started noticing that when Windows restarts (or possibly the Rise Vision Chrome App itself restarted), the Jockersoft software (Application Monitor) sometimes launched the Google Chrome Browser rather than the presentation in the Rise Vision Chrome App. It then thought that the Chrome Browser was the app and that it was running, so the presentation didn't actually start and our displays were stuck showing a blank Chrome page. If I closed the Chrome window by remotely accessing the computer, on the next check Application Monitor started the display properly.

But I worked out an automatic solution that others may find useful. I created a PowerShell script called ChromeKill.ps1 with the following code:

get-process | where {$_.mainWindowTitle -eq "New Tab - Google Chrome"} | Stop-Process

and set up a scheduled task to run each time the computer starts (with a 1 minute delay) and again at 6:00am.

The scheduled task starts powershell.exe with the following arguments:

-ExecutionPolicy Bypass C:\Display\ChromeKill.ps1

The one thing that you need to ensure is that Chrome starts with a New Tab and not a website. If you do want it to start a website, you'll need to edit the PowerShell script to look for that Window Title instead of "New Tab - Google Chrome". Also, you'll need to ensure that the PowerShell script is saved in C:\Display.

So far, no displays have been stuck with Google Chrome showing.

As a quick run down on our site, it has gone from Rise Vision running on old laptops with Windows XP and VGA extenders, to now using Intel Compute Sticks running Windows 10, plugged directly into the HDMI ports on the displays around the venue. We have good wireless coverage at the venue, so this gives full HD, without the need for expensive HDMI extenders.

The beauty of the displays in use is that they have a USB port which powers the Compute Sticks. So when the display is turned on, the Compute Sticks turn on.
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Tabcorp Park,
Thanks for sharing

"Intel Compute Sticks running Windows 10, plugged directly into the HDMI ports on the displays around the venue"
Was this with Win 10 already preinstalled in the Sticks or did you upgrade from 8.1? 

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