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I have a few improvements in mind that would drastically increase the usability of the Storage UI.

The first issue is check boxes vs individual buttons for icons.

Checkboxes are for bulk operations. Storage supports bulk operations like download and delete, but it also supports the "Link" option which is not a bulk operation. However it's only available through the same means as bulk operations by ticking a checkbox and clicking the link button.

This becomes a problem when one needs a lot of links. Let's say I upload a whole bunch of photos to storage and am using them in an HTML placeholder so I need the direct links for each one. The conventional UX design for this functionality would have a button next to each file to copy a direct URL. In that situation I'd have the following workflow with the Storage window open on one monitor, my Rise editor on the other. and I'd go through my placeholders clicking the "Copy link" button once then paste it in the HTML editor for my placeholder.

  1. Click "Copy link" button next to filename
  2. Paste link into placeholder and save
  3. Open next placeholder
  4. Click "Copy link" button next to filename

Putting it behind the checkbox part of the UI makes the flow go more like this:

  1. Uncheck box from previous photo (because the Link option will gray out with two checked)
  2. Check the box for the photo I now need
  3. Click the Link button
  4. Copy link.
  5. Close the popup modal that contains the link
  6. Paste the link in my placeholder and save
  7. Open the next placeholder
  8. Uncheck box from previous photo
With checkboxes required for copying a link it drastically increases the time required to get more than a couple of links at a time.

Ideally there should be individual file controls along with bulk file controls as even for some operations like deleting or downloading it's much faster to just click a single button next to a file name than to clear any existing checkboxes, select the one you need, then click the bulk operation button.

It would also be nice to be able to rename files already in storage instead of downloading them, renaming them, then reuploading them.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Adrian D'Alimonte

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Hi Chris!

Thanks for the feedback.  Very clear, and the workflow makes complete sense.  We're having some discussions on how to handle user media, so these kind of use cases are good to hear.

Just wanted to confirm: Is it the HTML Widget you are using in this scenario?

Yes, that is the widget I'm using. I would prefer to use the Text Widget for some things because of the scrolling ability but the lack of image support and the lackluster HTML editor it includes keeps me using the HTML widget for most custom placeholders.
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Adrian D'Alimonte

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Was wondering if the following might help as an interim solution:
The root URL for media the same on a Company level.  You could re-use that inside of your HTML, while referencing the file names in your other window.

This also works nicely if all your photos happen to be in the same folder at the time.
(image attached for reference)

I've done a bit of that, but for this specific job that sparked the idea the file names are first and last names. That makes them more difficult to type up on the fly, compounded by the fact that this particular company has a lot of employees with creative name spellings.

Though I plan to use this when I start moving icons into storage. I'm downloading them all now and transcoding them to webp for size and performance.
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Adrian D'Alimonte

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Understood.  Not all file naming conventions can remain simple, so I can see the benefit of a one-click solution for sure.  I've made note of it, as well as a 'Rename' function. 

Thanks again for the feedback!