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First off, I've been scouring the community here, following videos, posts, reading blogs....and I feel if my skills were much more, I'd be able to frankenstein about 5-6 unique things that each vendor or market offers into a killer product/option......but, sadly, my genetic gene pool does not allow me to harness those abilities...thus, I need help.

I volunteer for my local fire department, who operates on a minimal shoe-string budget.  Along with many things in the fire service, technology is slowly creeping into the daily mainstream scenes.  In an effort to bring them into the 21st century (haha), I hairbrained the idea of using a flatscreen TV, hanging in the truck bay of our station, and I would create/display content that would be seen otherwise on the old-school thumbtack board.  It took a few years of watering and gardening my seed, but I now have people who have seen the light.

I started down the scary road of Wordpress - which for all purposes, is really cool, and again, if I knew enough PHP code to be dangerous I could absolutely do what I'm trying to - with the ease of management and the versatility of plugins and widgets.  It was a few weeks ago, I found Rise Vision, and after tinkering, felt that this would be a great solution, if I could get it to work on a Chromecast.  Then I discovered that December of last year, ASUS released a "Chromebit".  Ta-DA!  While I understand that things are still a work in progress on the chromebit platform...this feels like I'm really close.

I have zero experience enrolling, using, or managing chrome devices with "Google For Work" - which the downside to all of this, appears that I can not enroll a device on a personal gmail account, nor can I do any of the "kiosking" without a 24.00 license.  This all poses a bit of a problem....though, I may be able to get around that....maybe.

What I'm hoping for here - is some guidance to stop me from going down a slippery slope and spinning my wheels in mud.  If anyone out there can lend some direction, suggestions, etc - I'm all ears/eyes.

Here's an example of what I'm trying to do (be gentle):

*one thing to note:  the free rss feed seems to not be very friendly in the newest rise editor...and when i go to the classic editor, I'm not finding a way to make any changes to I missing something?

-Digital bullentin board / sign
-remote management
-easy to manage

-ASUS Chromebit
-LCD Display
-Wi Fi

Thanks for your help.

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Posted 3 years ago

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To my understanding you have everything you need, so just do it. Do you have ant specific concerns?

I did not try Chrome bit, but I have some experience with Chromeboxes and Intel Compute Sticks with Windows 10. Chrome is easy, but without management license you do get less control and depend on Google updates schedule (you may find something not working after their updates). Windows device is perhaps initially trickier to set up, but I like those better; tons of customization. Chrome bit + management license = (almost) Intel Compute Stick. With inexpensive adapter you can even have it wired instead of WiFi (which sucks on this device; therefore, I would recommend External WiFi adapter with antenna - pretty inexpensive too). Also, you can simply use some older PC.
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Do you already have the Chrome Bit?
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Hi Jeremy,

The Chromebit is working pretty well in our office here. For the light use you are talking about, it sounds like it could do the trick for you. You can actually use the Chromebit without enrolling. Here's some instructions from Google:

Be advised, it is not "supported" by RV, but it certainly works. If it's just one screen and you don't mind troubleshooting now and again if something does happen, you should be fine. :)
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Also note the Kiosk setup needs to be done before ANY person logs into the device. If you log in first, be sure to powerwash. Instructions:

Management is really nice, and I can see why Rise officially supports only the managed devices, as it's able to keep some things under control. It really is useful though for businesses.. for example we hope to have 100 Chromeboxes out there by this time next year. For you, just one sign.. I'm sure you'd be fine ;)
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I know of at least a few users that are creating signage for fire stations.

Regarding the bulletin board, if it's all text info, you may want to use the Spreadsheet Widget and then embed a Google Spreadsheets on it. That way, other users can update the information via Google Spreadsheets without having to log into Rise Vision.

If you need further ideas around creative or any other tips let us know!
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I I have been using the chomebit with my risevision digital sign for 2 month without issue.  I did not enroll it in google apps for work i just created its own google account just for login to the chromebit. Once you login and have installed the player, rise will start immediately.  This works great for situation like yours where a login to the chomebit everynow and then wont hurt.  Ours is working every morning we just turn the screen on and off and keep the presentation running.   The one time we lost power we did have to login to the chromebit with its own google account.      
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Jordan, thanks for the suggestion.

I too, am thinking though the kiosk extension and features of all that are offered in the apps for work line are really cool - I may just forego them, and just fullscreen the browser.

Would you be available to discuss things a bit more one-on-one ?  I'd be interested to pick your brain on a few things. if you have the time.