Feedback on new Editor GUI and one issue with placeholder move on negative position

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Some comments about the new Editor GUI :

  • Don't know what I did but anyway, I used only the GUI and not the HTM editor but I've one placeholder that is stuck in top left corner.
    If I try to move the placeholder, I see that the top(Y) & left(X) parameters in the left hand size are changing but the placeholder itself stay stuck. If I save the page and preview it, the placeholder stay on top left corner.
    I've investigated and I see that the HTML code wrongly (as far as I know) includes a left and top position for the DIV of the placeholder (here, same issue on two DIV). The position include a minus sign (left:63-px;top:66-px) and even on the ph1 DIV includes a double minus (left:2--px).
    I've checked that this issue comes when you move a placeholder over the left or top bonduaries. The negative positioning needing a minus is not correctly managed in the DIV left and top parametrs. 
<div  id="stock" placeholder="true" style="width:623px;height:183px;left:63-px;top:66-px;z-index:2;position:absolute;"></div>
<div  id="ph1" placeholder="true" style="width:1920px;height:1076px;left:2--px;top:0px;z-index:1;position:absolute;"></div>
  • I would suggest that once the page is saved and not modified, the 'Save' button is grayed-out. Otherwise, it is a bit confusing and you save several times because you're not sure you've not changed something (with the issue that after, you need to publish).

  • Z-order.
    I preferred the feature in the previous editor (Bring to front, sent to front, ...).
    Sure that the Z-order gives more flexibility to rapidly position the placeholder but for a basic user, it is not direct.

  • On the user interface, I'm a bit puzzled by the options located at each of the for corners. It implies you to move your mouse from one corner to another very often.
    I don't have a suggestion but it is a simple remark.

  • I would love to get a basic content preview of the gadget in edit mode. Currently, it is a bit confusing and not easy to manage with complex window.
    In another message, I've seen that such preview was in the roadmap but without a fixed date.
    Do you confirm ?
Hope this can help to improve.
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Thierry Masson

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Posted 3 years ago

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Great feedback, thanks!
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Ghislaine Guerin

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Hi Thierry,

This is Ghislaine, I'm UX Designer at Rise Vision. First of all I'd like to thank you for your feedback, you bring up some really interesting points.
I have opened an issue regarding the negative positioning, it should be fixed soon. Regarding your other points we are working towards improving the usability of our apps with a better save and edit model, simple UI controls for z-order and artboard updates for a more efficient workflow. I'll make sure your points will be part of the upcoming round of updates.
Unfortunately we have no plans for Gadget Preview in the near future.

Thanks again for your help with making our apps better!
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Hello Ghislaine,

Thanks for your message.
Regarding this statment :
    > Unfortunately we have no plans for Gadget Preview in the near future.

Would be nice to have because it is hard to make nice page layout without such preview. We get some previews in the previous GUI so it is a bit difficult to understand why we can't get it now ;-)
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Hi Thierry,

Quick note. Thanks for bringing up the issue with negative positioning; it is now fixed in the Editor. It should interpret negative numbers correctly now, and no longer add `-px` or `--px`.

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Thierry Masson

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I confirm it is OK. Very quick fix.