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Hi everyone,

I'm having an issue with the display resolution. I'm using an asus chromebox. The display on the TV screen is showing as 1920x1080. This is also the resolution of the presentation that I made. However, when I link the display to the TV screen in the rise player extension, the display is showing as 1822x1026. How do I fix this problem? Also, I fixed this issue last week but was unsure what I did... now it is back again. 
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Posted 2 years ago

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Darius - PRODO.us, Champion

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Perhaps some TV settings? Try adjusting display mode on TV. They usually have some options meant for watching TV, like full width, overscan,  4:3 etc. That can mess up resolution.
Hey! Thanks for the suggestion! I just tried adjusting everything and it was unsuccessful... The 2 display settings available were full and cinema wide. Full is what I have been seeing and cinema wide makes it way too zoomed in. 
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Darius - PRODO.us, Champion

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It must be some silly thing that you are missing. I have 3 Asus Chrommeboxes and they never did anything like that to me. Check the cable, check the presentation again, check display settings. Maybe you changed something accidentally. This kind of problem is not typical to RV on Chromebox. See maybe Chromebox has some scaling settings? I am gonna look at my own right now.
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There is nothing on Chromebox that can affect it, which leaves us your TV and your presentation. Do you have more then one presentation in the schedule?
No I do not. I have 3 different schedules for 3 different TVs but they are all displaying the same presentation. 2 of the TVs work perfectly fine! What is weird to me is that this TV did work with the proper display resolution of 1920x1080 for about a week... Thank you for all your help! You're awesome :)
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Darius - PRODO.us, Champion

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Check/switch HDMI cable, this thing is pretty important for both way communication between TV and player.
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Javier Herrera

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I have been running Rise Vision on multiple Asus Chromebox for over a year and I never had this problem, but recently I installed two new boxes and they have this problem as well. I check presentation, TV settings, and even the display settings in the Chromebox but no solution...The only temporary solution is to resize the presentation to the resolution that it defaults to which is usually a scaled down size of 1080p. This might be a bug in an update or something.
Great, thanks for your input Javier! much appreciated
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Ann Garnatz

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I had this issue a year ago with ASUS Chromebits. 

You will need to log in to the device as a user to manually change resolution settings.  You can’t change them from the login screen or a guest session.

To change the resolution on site,

1. Restart the chromebit (unplug, replug)

2. Control + Alt + S to exit out of the Rise Vision startup screen before presentation starts up and brings you to ChromeOS.

3. Sign into the device as a user (google admin account)

4. Click on the clock on the lower right hand side of the screen. A pop up window will appear, select settings. Another pop up window will appear, click on the option on display to change the resolution. Example here:

Hi Ann,
Thank you for the response. I did check the resolution of the chromebox and it is indeed set to 1920 x 1080 already. I've checked it several times and it never changes from this setting. What can I do from here Ann?