Convert an IAdea XDS2450 Signboard into a Windows 8.1 Rise Signage Display Board

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DISCLAIMER: You are proceeding at your own risk. You are slaughtering the remaining warranty. I don't know how you got  warranty on a display this old but if you did, consider it void. I cannot be accountable for your safety, the safety of the equipment, or the off chance that you opened up your electronics without unplugging them first. This is on you and you have been warned.

A few years ago when Rise Vision was just starting out, Rise, SignageLive, MediaSignage. Mitsindo, Scala and many more, all supported an appliance technology developed by a Chinese/California firm called IAdea. 

These devices are/were known as the XMP and XDS line of media players and integrated displays. If you have been at this long enough, you have no doubt seen these embedded computers powering displays all over the world. Many of them are still in service today... everywhere.

My son's firm has a library system with many XDS 2450s installed. These devices are no longer supported by the manufacturer and recently this has posed some level of difficulty for his venue. 

The Rise Vision servers suddenly stopped allowing them to download content on the 5th of May, leaving a dozen displays inoperative. Though the rise team has been responsive to the situation, it was clear that the older technology either had to be replaced ( = $$$$) , or we needed to abandon Rise and go back to our original home-grown solution using SMIL (a derivative XML) which would be highly featureless but would allow us to have some things we could not get via Rise (XDS video).

The XDS (Small Display) is very rugged and self contained but always had a few shortcomings: 
  • XDS could not play back any video from the Rise Vision content management software. 
  • XDS could not use the simplified "folder system" we are rolling out everywhere. 
  • XDS Could not be remotely managed. Any problems had to be handled on-site. 
  • XDS would sometimes encounter software issues and could not be upgraded. 

We have been working on this problem for a while prior to this issue and just tested a hardware hack that replaces the internal logic controller (read: the original guts) of the XDS display with spanking new Windows based "guts". This is not without some effort and risk but we think we have it licked now. This is not a free solution but it is only about 100.00 bucks per display and beats a wholesale change-out of the venue technology.

What we are doing is pulling out the old IAdea logic board, extend wiring for new electronics and then re-install the display. This should not be done on-site.

When complete the converted WINXDS displays will be able to:

  • Play back any video from the Risevision content management software just like a PC driven display.
  • Use the simplified image and video "folders widget" just like a PC driven display.
  • Be remotely managed.
  • Be free of software compatibility issues for the foreseeable future (at least 2-3 months ;-) 

You do not need to be an engineer to do this but you do need to have the following handy:

  1. A Functional XDS2450
  2. An Intel Compute Stick or Quantum Winstick
  3. An HDMI Female-Female Coupler
  4. A Phillips (cross tip) screwdriver
  5. Hemostats or a pair of (small) needle-nose pliers
  6. Patience

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Posted 2 years ago

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This is amazing Dave! Thanks so much for posting this!

Any chance you can replace the image in Step 7? I get the impression one is supposed to be there, but it isn't showing.

Also, instead of Windows 8.1, can this be done with Win 10 instead?
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The Intel Compute Stick ships with windows 8.1 which can be upgraded to 10 in 20 minutes over strong wifi. We have tested that upgrade path and it works pretty well.

The Azulle Quantum ships with win 8.1 and we tested in that configuration without doing the upgrade.

The current Rise Vision installer works well with either OS.

Step 7 : Had no picture but I can submit one.  
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Ah, no worries if there is no picture, I just thought due to the flow that there was one :).

While the platform will run on Windows 8 and 8.1, we just don't exclusively support it, that was my reason for the Win 10 question.

Thanks again!