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Hey guys,

We are evaluating Rise Vision using Chromebox as a fit for our company. I'm curious who is using the Chrome Device Management Console and what I can accomplish with it versus (or in conjunction with) Rise Vision platform itself?

To begin, we saw this video some time back. I spent a few days looking for the features, but considered it vaporware, as I could never find it in our Google Admin Console.

I finally did come across some information on it again earlier this week, and I'm able to reproduce at least some of that video. To do so, there were specific settings that had to be just right in our OU. This is what we have now..

Device management > Chrome > Device Settings
Kiosk Settings:
Public Session Kiosk: Do not allow Public Session Kiosk
Auto-Launch Kiosk App: Rise Player
Enable device health monitoring: Enable device health monitoring

Device Reporting:
Device State Reporting: Enable device state reporting
Device User Tracking: Enable tracking recent device users

I'm also restricting the Chrome version via Auto Update Settings.

Not sure what combination did it for me, but suddenly I do see the red/green dot in my device list and some options in System Activity and Troubleshooting for the box now to Reboot and Screen Capture.

Am I missing any settings here that I should update? How are you using Device Management Console and/or Rise Vision platform administratively?

Thanks for the help!
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Posted 3 years ago

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In order for the red/green status dots and other features to show up in your management console, you have to have the device state reporting enabled. If that was not enabled, that may have been why you didn't see those features initially.

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Thanks Justin,

I did learn that, albiet in a random website that barely made mention of it. Is there some kind of guide on here for people to know what all should be enabled? That's part of why I wanted to post this - so maybe others could find the info. But really, I'm curious how people are using the Chrome Management Console in general. Do they find it useful for status checks? Reboots? Screen grabs?

So far the pros I see that it accomplishes over and in addition to Rise Vision:
1. Ability to halt chrome updates (necessary it seems given recent problems)
2. Ability to lock down the device if it is stolen
3. Screenshots - not sure if there are other solutions for this?
4. Status checks - though I think Rise Vision maybe better

RiseVision actually seems more useful to me on status checks. It at least tells me a pretty accurate last contact. The one in Chrome Device Management seems random.

I have "Active TImes" but on a system that ran overnight, it's only showing 43 minutes? Not sure how accurate or helpful this information is?

What are other people's experience with using this? What do you like or dislike? What does RiseVision itself do better? Or perhaps other recommendations for monitoring boxes?


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Just another shout out - do other users find Device Management useful, and how so?

I've had a box up and running with it for about a week.

As an example, I had the following box run overnight last night.
It ran all night, and is currently running on my bench.

I got an email this morning at 9:42 that my device has gone offline.
I can log in and check the box, but though it shows "Offline" I am able to take a screenshot now at 10:48? It appears to be running fine.

Two things I notice..
1. It never tells me devices come back online, but sends an "Urgent" (and non-configurable) down email/txt with very little information
2. The "Active Times" listed here are crazy.. if it ran all night, I don't understand an Active Time of 5-10 minutes?

Anyone else using this Device Management? Aside from restricting the Chrome Version and Device Locking, is it useful?

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Yes, our devices on not-so-consistent wifi in management console very often show offline status, and the status reporting option pissed me off in a day, so I deleted all the emails listed there. I find Rise Vision app status monitoring much more reliable. We decided to go with managed devices because, according to Rise Vision, they were not gonna restart after updates pushed to them. Apparently it did not work for us last week. It turned out, there is more to that... 'bad'and 'good' Chrome versions. I also like the screen capture option and getting new devices setup for digital signage much more easier if enrolled in managed account. However, rebooting from google management console does not work half of the time for us. Rise Vision platform beats it here, again. I wish I had an option remotely get into a managed device, but like I said, stable performance is above all of that for us. 
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Reboot now will most likely fail under 2 conditions:
1. The device has poor connectivity.
2. The device has not been up and running for more than 10 minutes.
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Thanks for the replies! I was hoping to use Device Management to .. you know "Manage" and help with administration of our new signage product. It's seeming to not do much for me though, and just drives the price of the box up to compare with a NUC or similar. I've thought about trying a dedicated Linux box instead for testing. I was hoping for some input from other users.

That box in particular is on WiFi. I'm pretty certain I had left it hardwired overnight and had similar results though. The longest "Active Time" I'm ever showing on either of my 2 managed boxes is "43 minutes". I'll try that one hard wired again tonight and see if my mileage varies..