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EDIT MARCH 28, 2018: Please note that all conversations related to Twitter in this Community should be considered obsolete and out of date. As announced in our new Community, Rise Vision added support for a new Twitter Widget.

To receive updates, make sure to subscribe to the Rise Vision Blog, or join the new Community and post questions.

Due to recent events the Twitter Gadget is being removed from the Store indefinitely. This is an unfortunate event, but at this time our focus must remain on improving the quality of our core content. 

We will reevaluate the decision should the circumstances change. Until then, we are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause and recommend consulting with other Community members on alternative options.

Thank You
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Alan Clayton, Official Rep

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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi, I already have 6 displays with the twitter gadget, are this still be working? is there any paid option? since this was one of the  special features I was showing, any recommendation? Why is it gone? by the way.
Any chance to come back?
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Shea, Official Rep

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HI Luis,

To answer your questions, those displays will still be working and at this point there is no paid replacement. It has been removed because a company has claimed they have a patent on the functionality that the Twitter Widget provides and are actively protecting their patent. 

At this point in time we are unsure if and when it will be coming back.

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Ryan Cahoy, Official Rep

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Thanks, now that I read Ryan`s link I understand.
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ViewerBuzz Inc.

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Hello Rise Community.

We actually built an instagram/twitter widget that allows you to stream live feeds. As a viewer posts using the designated hashtag it will appear on your digital signage. Here are some sample previews:

Landscape Orientation

Portrait Orientation

The layout container can be adjusted to fit into small zones of your display too if you desire. This could be a good alternative for you.

If you have questions or are interested in incorporating this widget, please email us at or by calling 800-807-2015.

ViewerBuzz's Development Team
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Thierry Masson, Champion

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Very nice.
Do you intend to publish it in the RiseVision market place or a an opened source?
If publish on the RiseVision Marketplace, will you deal with the US patent 8,615,565 ( Monster Media) and thus the gadget will be available with a subscription fee.
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Thierry Masson, Champion

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Does the patent applies also if we write our own application to get the content using social media API's?
With my poor knowledge on Ajax, I've started to mash-up an application based on  on pavelk2/social-feed and a vertical scroller. So far, I'm able to aggregate G+, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It is a bit tricky to setup because you've to register an API ID on each social media and I'm afraid that at long run, it may require maintenance due to frequent API changes but so far, the result is not that bad.
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Thierry Masson, Champion

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I understand. Not very clear the limitation of the patent. 
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Danny de Vreede

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Wow, what an ugly monster, this Monster media!! Twitter has created API's to use them. It is not very intellectual to hook in to Twitter API and do a search on some Twitter accounts or hash tags you like to display on your non-profit screen. A screen in a library, town-hall, etc. It is really sad that dollars, dollars and dollars from people who like to own everything ruins such a beautiful functionality. Grr I do not like these kind of people! I hope that Risevision is able to use the Twitter Widget soon again. Thank you for your great work!
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We apologize. Please keep checking back to this thread for updates! 
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Any updates on getting Twitter back on the presentations?

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Robb, Official Rep

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No updates at this time, however we will be sure to update everyone if that changes.