Borders not showing up on google sheets

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I am using the google spreadsheet widget and linked it to a google sheet I have. Every thing comes up fine except for the borders I have they do not show up when I preview the presentation. Any ideas on how I can get the lines to show up? Thanks
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Mike Hudson

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Posted 3 years ago

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Ray Durkin

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Hi Mike,

The Google Spreadsheet widget doesn't pull any of the formatting over from the spreadsheet itself, so any formatting you want on the display is done in the widget.  At this time, we don't have the ability to include cell borders as part of the formatting options in the widget.  If it is something that you would like to see added please see this article. We use the community here to help us choose what to build next.

Now that's not saying this is not possible.  In fact, other folks here in the community may have discovered a work around to be able to do this and if so, hopefully they will chime in here.  It's just not functionality that is built into the widget at this time.

Thank you
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Jim Coyle, Champion

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Hi Mike/Ray,

Here is a link to a demonstration spreadsheet that may help you:

This sheet is 'View' only but you should be able to copy it and modify to suit your own purposes. 

The sheet is for a list of football fixtures which is contained in 'Teamsheet'

The formatting for your displays is contained in 'FormatScreens'. I also use this to post to a website so there is a 'FormatWeb' also - only real difference in the demo is the font size but each could be formatted quite differently to suit screen or web colours and sizes..

The data is pulled into your spreadsheet widget from 'FixturesScreens' for your display screen and for a website from 'FixturesWeb'.

The screenshot above shows the resulting sheet with alternating row colours and a dashed border. Other border styles can be used such as solid, dotted or none.

There is no padding applied in the spreadsheet widget for the above screenshot. If there was a value of 10 used in the widget the result would be this:

There is a black background in the presentation and this is what shows through the spaces between rows. I haven't made any adjustment for using a padding value in the spreadsheet but additional formatting could be applied to adjust the height of the cells rather a padding value in the widget.

You should be able to see how the formatting is 'built up' in the 'FormatScreens/FormatWeb' tabs and placed in the 'Row Odd Column Code' and 'Row Even Column Code' sections. Effectively every cell in the sheet is being formatted as a table with adjustable properties. This means each cell can have different text and background colors, font sizes, border styles etc.

The 'FixturesScreens/FixturesWeb' tabs pull the formatting from the 'Row Odd Column Code' and 'Row Even Column Code' sections and using CONCATENATE (basically means add) with the Teamsheet listing this builds up the eventual output used and closes the formatting off with the end of data/row/table code (</font></td></tr></table>)

It is a bit convoluted and there must be many  much more elegant ways of doing this. However, it is relatively simple and you can quickly see the values that you would change plus I think you will see how more formatting properties could be added quite simply and quickly if required.

All you need do is modify 'Teamsheet' and the stuff like colours, sizes, border styles etc in the formatting tabs to suit your own purposes.

Let me know if I can help if you have any issues with this.

Jim Coyle
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Thanks Jim!