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What happens if Rise Vision is hacked, all backups are corrupted, and we are all left starting from scratch? I'd like to see a "Big Backup Button" that I can click and download a backup of EVERYTHING I have created, presentations, displays, schedules, and settings included. I just feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing I have a backup of all my important documents and data.

A follow up question: What happens if Rise Vision ceases to exist? This has been one of my biggest concerns since trusting RV to hold all our information and run all of our displays.
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Mike Doe

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Posted 5 years ago

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Byron, Keener

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Hi Mike,

In terms of backup you can copy the HTML of your Presentations into other docs with a copy/paste, which is a pain in the ass I know, and because of this we are planning on adding a download button to Presentations for just this reason. We went with HTML for our content so that your content is completely non-proprietary. You can use it as you please.

In terms of backing up Displays, Schedules and Settings. We haven't planned on doing anything with that but this is an interesting idea given my next point.

What happens if we cease to exist? You would need to find another provider, or, take our open source code and host it elsewhere and then continue to maintain and develop it on your own. Which begs the question. How can you take our open source code and host it elsewhere when we have held the server as closed source and only open sourced the client side apps? You can't. For this reason we are in the midst of moving all of our code (server included), except for our new store that will be coming online shortly, to open source, on github. Give us a couple of months to get this done.

Which takes me back to your point above re. backing up Displays, Schedules, Settings, and I would add Users. I am going to move this into our plan to give you the ability to download all of this, in raw data format, so that you can take it, and upload it to a new server, using our, to be released, open source server, if you so choose.

Does this help? Not really. If we go down you are in for a big interruption, big cost to set all of this up, and a big, trust me, ongoing cost, to continuously maintain and develop it all. But at least we are providing options which I think is better than most?

Are we going down? No. We have positive cashflow, money in the bank, no debt, are beholding to no VC's and completely committed to what we are doing. We just added 3 more developers.

Could we go down? Absolutely. Everything, everywhere, is vulnerable and too think otherwise is delusional. How to mitigate that risk? When our store comes online be sure to buy lots of stuff! And get your friends to as well!

Hope that helps.

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Mike Doe

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Sounds good. Can't wait! With regards to the future option of downloading a presentation, I would like to see an option to download ALL presentations with one click. Having dozens of presentations, this would be time consuming to download all individually and after every update/change to the presentation.

A download all button would be great for all presentations, displays, users, etc.. although I am aware that it is only raw data, and is all tied to RV. This would just give peace of mind to others like myself, and would serve as a backup if there was ever an infiltration or a hard drive failure.
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Byron, Keener

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Good point Mike. Added. Thanks
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We need a solution to back up our rise vision settings. We are not asking for "what if rise vision is down", we are asking "what if a user screws up / deletes settings accidentally". This is a practical request - where are we 7 months later?
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I apologize that there haven't been any updates to this. We understand the problem, and it is on our to-do list.
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Is this still being considered?

I would really, really, REALLY hate to lose all my work :)

I appreciate the HTML can be copied but it pretty soon becomes an onerous task to keep track of and to ensure updates and edits are copied as well.

I would certainly appreciate a simple backup solution if only for peace of mind..

Jim Coyle
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Byron, Keener

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Hi Jim, this is still on the list, but unfortunately it is a really big list. Thanks!