A great idea to stop redundant sound from videos

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Here's my idea:
Make scheduling more powerful. Right now we have recurring content that can show up daily, weekly, etc.

Let's go even finer. We should be able to have recurring content every hour or 1/2 hour.

That way, if we have a video integrated with picture messages, making a 5 minute total loop, it's not going to be super annoying for employees that are near the display all day.

This would be huge in almost any business. Instead of the video playing every 5 minutes, we could say that the video plays every hour or 1/2 hour.

I think this idea is a simple and easy way to make sure our displays are enjoyable for all.
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  • Excited about this.

Posted 7 years ago

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Paul Flanigan

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Alex, I like where this is going, but I want to help clarify:

Wouldn't making content play every 1/2 hour be more annoying? I'm getting confused in your 2nd paragragh.

Do you mean taking that five-minute loop as an entire piece and scheduling that to run less frequently?
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Hi Paul, I'm happy to clarify:

Let's say that in a placeholder, I have a bunch of pictures and one video. All the durations of the items add up to 5 minutes from start to finish.

At the present, that video will play every 5 minutes. Which means, every 5 minutes, the same video sound may come out of no where. And after the 1st hour, employees would want to turn off the display.

I'm suggesting the ability to tell that video to ONLY come onto the screen every half hour...or hour. So the quiet pictures will loop through over and over again...but as soon as the hour strikes, the video plays.

This way, the video will only play 8 times a day instead of 96.
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Essentially, in the "scheduling" for an item, I'd like to see two more check boxes next to Daily and Weekly, for "Hourly" and "half-hourly"
...or something to that tune.
Totally agree - I just found this 3 year old post as I was looking for a way to run a video in our shops once per hour - and leave the regular 'pictures/text' running the rest of the time.  
   Very Surprised this has not been implemented.  It even helps employees keep track of time knowing that once per hour they'll hear the video...