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I have a two ideas that may be something that rise could add to there system.

1.) We all know that changing display Ids on a device can be hard or weird for some to do. I propose that in the display section where we restart and reboot, that rise add a delete Id from device button. The button can send a signal to the device running the ID, delete the ID from the device, and put it in the main menu. That way your not messing with the ini file. Shouldn't be to hard to do.

2. With the presentation gadget going out. I propose that rise add a separate layout editor. It would feel like the presentation editor but it's just for making your own custom layouts to be added to the placeholder. Say in the main presentation you want to make two widgets showing side by side in a single placeholder that rotates with one large image. This is done by using the presentation gadget and the image widget. The presentation gadget would be pointing to a presentation with two widgets side by side. Instead of doing that the layout editor could allow users to make the side by side widgets. Then be saved with an ID. In the main presentation, you can add a custom layout to a placeholder and put the ID from the ID of the layout you just made. Now what's the difference in all this, is the layout editor is not using the viewer. It's just showing the layout you made. The main viewer in the main presentation is still controlling the presentation and not multiple viewers that causes issues. Also rise can add user controls to this as well. Admin can restrict a user to just that layout. For example say your doing ads on a screen and you have 10 sites wanting to customize there ads. You can add those users and they can only touch those layouts and not the main presentation.

Anyway this is only ideas but I think it's something rise can think about.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi William,

Thank you for your feedback! 

We appreciate you taking the time to write this up for us.

Community and team, what do you think?

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Is there a reason for wanting to delete the display ID from the display? Since the displays can be renamed in the system, they're using Unique Identifiers and can be shuffled. Guess I'm having a hard time seeing the use case. 

With regards to the presentation gadget, I'm not entirely sure I'm following you but I do second the need for something to replace embedded presentations. We only have one in use but trying to reproduce the results with something else hasn't worked for us. 
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Deleting the display id would be great to have for like the native player. The reason is  you have to get out of the player, find the INI file that has the id, and change it from there. Yes the use case is low for normal users but for someone like me that does a lot of testing and moving ids around this would be better than just deleting it from the INI file. This way after testing is done i can delete from the display and not have to dig the rise folder to do it. 

As far as the layout editor. We need a replacement for the presentation gadget. We have setups that have a presentation gadget with just 2 widgets side by side in rotation with video and images. The layout editor would solve this by allowing you to make a custom layout with widgets (as many as you like) to be put into a rotation of a placeholder with images and/or video. Those separate layouts will not have a viewer control like the presentation gadget has. This would eliminate the viewer issue rise has been having. At the moment we are making presentations that go inside presentations. Which causes more issues than you think. 

Also i have places that have 10-15 ads running in one placeholder that multiple users would like to control. It be cool to restricted each person to there layout. Hints why a separate layout editor would make since. I can restricted them to there layout and have them edit it. That way there not messing with the whole thing. The only way to do that is still make presentations within presentations with sub companies.  

It might need a little more detailing and more looking into but its just a concept of things that could work. 
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Yes I'm definitely on board with your second suggestion. We need the hierarchy and simplicity of such a system as you describe. I need the ability to setup a users device and playlist, then let them handle their content. Locking them to a layout (and locking certain aspects even.. say the background, etc) is great for us. Typically once a system is setup, I envision them just going in to swap out the order of the slides or add or remove new images and that's all. I do need them to be locked to their own presentations and their own devices, which is why we are using sub-companies right now.

You really hit home with these points, as it's exactly what we're looking for and trying to achieve with RV. I'll also add though, that I would love a Dashboard that will let me see all of the devices in all of my sub-companies. I'm glad for them to manage and see their own Devices, but I really would love a way to see an overview of all of my users in one place, grouped by company or label would be perfect.

Curious though on your first point.. if you're okay with deleting and re-entering anyway, why not just delete that Device and create a new one. Your device would then pickup that the ID is not valid and ask for a new one? This is another use case for Embedded presentations for us.. I don't want to have to remove and re-enter Device IDs all the time.

Great ideas! :)
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Not a bad idea on deleting the display and creating a new one after it becomes invalid. Might use that. Still will need to change the schedule but thats manageable. Thanks
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Thanks for the reply - this is the method I recommend to most users.  That way all they have to do is connect a keyboard to the media player and type in the new Display ID.  However, we do realize that not all media players are in the easiest to reach spots, so the idea of being able to remotely change the Display ID on a media player without needing to connect physically to it is still very interesting.