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Raspberry Pi Stretch
Started getting the issue where the Raspi3 Model B is relegating to some 640 x 800 resolution out of the blue. Im using the latest Rise r...
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Coming Soon: Rise Player for Raspberry Pi
We've been experimenting with Rise Player on Raspberry Pi 3 and have been pleased with what we have seen. As a result, we are going to cr...
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Community supported Raspberry Pi 2 instructions -- "RISEBERRY"
Hi all,  I'm working on documenting my experiences getting RISE player working on RaspPi2 platform.   NOTE:  THIS PLATFORM IS NOT SUPPO...
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all my displays disappeared
All Of my Displays have disappeared from the display section. Now all of my displays won't populate the new data sent. Does anyone have a...
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Instagram Wall
Anybody pull off an Instagram Wall? Saw a couple of other digital signage companies offering it and did not know if anyone has tried it n...
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Spreadsheet tip
I've been doing a lot of formatting and manipulation of spreadsheets to produce data as required for my displays and I have a little tip ...
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